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BoxChatter is a voluntarily run site where folks such as myself write about the media they love. Whether this be films, games, comics, anime, TV, music, board games or technological hardware, you’re bound to expect to see reviews, news and articles on such things here.

As the writer roster expands on BC it’s important that our dear readers can find out who’s who and where to find the rest of their work. Below I have included a bio for each writer in their own words. Please give the time to read and check out the rest of their work!

Shaun Kennedy aka ‘mrboxchatter’

Nice guy educated in English & Media Studies, trained in administration. I’m intensely passionate about media products and culture and love to write. As my ultimate goal in life is to become a media critic I continue to implement many steps to keep myself in the know, gaining new contacts, and practising my craft. Hence BoxChatter was born. I have written for other sites such as and, and attend local clubs including Derby Scribes (writing group) and emag (East Midlands Anime Group). I also volunteer at my old workplace Community Action for a group called Citizens Eye that helps the community by filming and writing about local events.

I’m a fan of the avant-garde and alternative, the dark and surreal, the challenging and unheard of. I’m a great defender of animation, comics and graphic novels. Superheroes are boss – especially Batman – and I used to collect 80s issues. I love Japanese culture, cinema, anime and manga.

Favourites include: Batman, Sonic, Eraserhead, Night of the Hunter, Donnie Darko, Oldboy, Death Note, One Piece, Watchmen, Persona 4, Zero Escape, Nine Inch Nails, Dr Steel, Crystal Castles, and Swans.





Victoria Borg aka ‘v1xter’

Mum of 3 who works in a bookshop. I ‘run’ a local writing group called Derby Scribes and I am Derbyshire’s Municipal Liasion for National Novel Writing Month. The latter means I attempt to herd cats* once a year whilst writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I am also currently in charge of a YA (Young Adult) review group over at

*Okay, I admit it. They’re not cats, they’re writers. Although if anyone knows a cat who can type a novel in thirty days, it is more than welcome to take part in NaNoWriMo.

My fandoms are fairly diverse. I loved gaming ever since I inherited a ZX Spectrum as a child. When it comes to books, comics, games and films, it’s usually more about the story than what media or genre it is. I do tend to read more YA than anything else because of my job. Music sees me lean more towards the nerdier musicians and soundtracks.

A few of my favourite things: Douglas Coupland, Scarlett Thomas, John Green, Patrick Rothfuss, Star Trek, Luc Besson, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Studio Ghibli, Maus, TMBG, Emmy the Great, Fable, Limbo, and Sleeping Dogs.

Anthony Allen aka ‘antmate’

Avid gamer, musician, comic fan and unfortunately a hipster. I live in the rough end of Derby so I don’t get a huge chance to show this to the world, but once I am online I can let the geek flow.

Indie games are a huge favourite of mine and I guess this stems from the nights I spent in the attic on my dad’s Commodore 64 tapping in the code to get Boulder Dash to play. There is something about the homegrown nature of indie games that really gets me excited to open them up and examine them closely.

Other interests of mine are music that is challenging to the listener. I listen to just about anything from Taylor Swift to Tyler, the Creator but if I hear anything that doesn’t attempt to step outside of the current trends, or tries too hard to sound like everything else, then I simply disregard it.

Some of my favourites are: Coheed and Cambria, Batman, H.P. Lovecraft, Junji Ito, Hideo Kojima, Neon Genesis Evangelion, MegaTen, Fallout and Adventure Time.

Asa Newmarch aka ‘alabzam’

Asa Newmarch aka Alabzam
I’m currently a student studying Film & Video Production at the University of Derby. I am also the secretary of the university’s anime and manga society. When it comes to my personality I am a very kind, polite, caring person though I can be very serious and critical depending on the situation whether it be personal or analysing a piece of media. Considering my course, it’s a part of what I have to do!

My biggest influences for my course and film-making are Guillermo Del Toro because of the huge sense of creativity he has when making his films such as Pan’s Labyrinth which is one of my favourite films ever. My second huge influence is anime writer, Gen Urobuchi who gets really basic and usually light hearted concepts and gives them a very dark twist, adding lots of deep themes and characters, e.g. Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero.

I feel that in the future I can succeed my two icons when I hopefully become a big director/producer or an anime voice director for English dubs.

My interests include watching TV (when it’s good), films and especially anime. I also love gaming and hanging out with friends since I’m also a pretty social person. When it comes to media, I love things which have a dark story with a lot of intense moments and a lot of deeper meaning, as well as some really deep and well developed characters. Another hobby I have which is also a slight guilty pleasure is playing Yugioh, the main deck I currently use is Hieratics.

Some of my favourite things are Guillermo Del Toro films, Dark Souls, FullMetal Alchemist, the Transformers cartoons, the Christopher Nolan Batman films, Dragons, Wolf’s Rain, playing Yugioh, Trigun, Okami, Fate/Zero, J-pop, the Metal Gear series, Regular Show, Platinum Games and Gen Urobuchi animes (except Gargantia).


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