New Tattoo! (Etrian Odyssey)

With BoxChatter 4.0 we return more to the original format of the site primarily being a blog. A blog for a media geek. I may or may not have stated on here that last year I took the plunge and got my first tattoo. A self-designed chest piece atributed to my favourite band Nine Inch Nails, assembled from a variety of iconic album cover imagery and the lyrics ‘and this is not face, and this is not my life’ from my favourite song ‘Head Down’.

Well on Tuesday I got another one. On my upper right arm, the sword and thorns shield design from the Protector class of Etrian Odyssey II. The traditional portable JRPG series has been a long-standing favourite of mine and as with all my tat ideas, this shield encapsulates a lot of personal values such as protection, courage, and the balance of good and evil. Yeah, geek and proud.

This time around I’ve gone to a new tattoists, Second Skin in Derby, through the artist Adam. He suggested to add shadows to the design and I love how it’s turned out. Giving it far more depth and allowing it to work better as a tattoo, lest it otherwise look flat like a sticker. Still, it maintains the original anime look and stays true to the design perfectly. This one is healing better; being equipped with better aftercare knowledge this time round probably helps. Bepanthen, warm soapy water, and cling film for first 4 days. Then off with the film and switch bepantgen with cocoa butter.

Also I can say that the arm is far less painful than the chest. I find I have a suprisingly high pain threshold, as folks were apparently suprised by how well I took the chest one. But it still bloody hurt. And afterward felt like I had been through a car crash or something. With the arm it wasn’t too bad and been feeling fine since aside from some aching.

I appreciate that many detest tattoos. It often opens a whole debate that can get very opinionated and hateful. I’ve already been told by certain family that I’m stupid and I’ll regret it and I’ll never get a job. P’shaw. I can cover them if I have to in a workplace. And otherwise no I won’t regret it as I wait a pretty long time between getting an idea and settling on it. For me they are personal symbols of self-expression, signs of my interests infused with the inner personality. Hell I don’t even tell everyone completely what each one means. They are intimate and, it takes ages to explain.

So anyways, as this is a media blog and I’m a media geek with some media-geeky tats I thought I’d share my thoughts and some pics. Everyone is entitled to their own views naturally but as such so am I! I love em and plan to get more over the rest of my years. It’s certainly something to look forward to!




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