Ant-Man (Informal) Review

Last night I saw Ant-Man at cinemas so allow me issue a rather brief and informal review. In an age where spectacle is usually gaged on big explosions and CGI quickly swept aside being too ‘fake’, it’s refreshing to finally see a film make a fantastic case opposing those views.

With Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man we get a fairly atypicsl superhero in violence hating convicted cat burglar Scott Lang, charmingly played by funny guy Paul Rudd. Michael Douglas too is a fantastically tortured Hank Pym. Together along with the rest of the cast, and the presumably sky-high budget we get a more traditional tale. One that captures the feel of the Tales To Astonish comics that are slyly mentioned within the feature.

The wonder comes from the core idea itself: a hero who can shrink and talk to ants. Cue an experience that relays the wonderment of The Fantastic Voyage and Honey I Shrunk The Kids to a modern age. With such delightful randomness as a giant Thomas The Tank Engine and a villain’s threats triggering a song on an iPhone, the witty and playful script really secures the audience into a fun and wild ride.

Overall when you look at it, the film simply follows a heist and a fight. But in that same spirit it stays true to what makes the hero so intriguing and endearing; small events on a huge scale. There is a lot of human relation that engages the viewer to really want these heroes to win. And yes, like Guardians Of The Galaxy it really captures that idea of team power. Something the Avenger also strives for but often loses in the calamity of it all.

Honestly I can see Ant-Man being a great divider. Many may well lose interest or even hate it. IMDB already shows that is the case. But in my opinion, it’s definitely one of Marvel Studios’ best endeavours to date. Hell it even gets the Avengers involved and sets up the future of the character for the upcoming films. Ant-Man won’t be going away any time soon. And that’s a good thing.

Oh and whilst I barely noticed it during the film, the main theme is awesomevand ridiculously catchy as you can sample below. YellowJacket’s a rather menacing villain too. So yeah, go check it out!

3.5 out 5 stars


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