The Return

Ah BoxChatter. Remember this? It used to be a thing. Sort of. Once upon a time. Jesus, it’s been almost a year since my last post. And that was on the newer, hosted version. 3.0 as I shall refer to it.Well, I’ll confess that this past year has been odd to say the least. The girlfriend I spoke so much about has become an ex, 3.0 has seemingly become lost for all time, and last week I resigned from my job. It perhaps goes without saying that currently I feel adrift as though in another world, about to told by some higher power that the game is over. However, much to the disdain of some clawing demonic force of hopeless negativity, I sense someone somewhere instinctively selecting the continue option. And so like a pheonix rising from the ashes I return to version 2.0, donning a shining suit of armor I shall dub 4.0. So that’s how things are. Only, y’know, less dramatic.It hasn’t all been a waste anyway. I’ve kept myself pretty darn busy and despite everything I’ve achieved a relatively high level of confidence and experience unlike the which I had only dreamt of years ago. I’ve written for various sites, juggled a range of fiction projects, attended public readings, taken on a management role for local writing group Derby Scribes, and gotten back into art. It’s unbearably easy to torture oneself with the ‘should do’s than summon self-praise for the ‘have done’s.

And so, I return. In a continued effort to remain positive and productive, the granddaddy himself has arrived back at that place he once called home. No longer shall I say to ‘expect’ anything as such. Falling into the familiar trap of taking on too much is an unsavory practice I wish not to repeat. Instead I say that I could well be seen loitering about the site, fixing things up, and delivering the odd media-related blog here and there. Do not expect full reviews, news, or guest writers. Don’t get me wrong, any one of those could happen but as I cannot guarantee it at any given time I feel it is better to be honest than unfaithful.

In closing I would like to offer my thanks to all who have stayed by side offering unending support. Y’all know who you are. Til next time cowboys. Stay frosty.


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